Every action compounds
Every decision element you make in Every atom of your life adds up.

Every training session goes in the bank.

Every book you read goes in the bank.

Every meal goes in the bank, and that compounds to give you either a powerful result or a debt.

You get a financial debt if you spend more than you earn.

You get a physical debt if you don’t train your body to grow stronger.

You get an academic debt if you don’t study and read.

You get an emotional debt if you don’t expand your mind, if you don’t practice gratitude.

If you don’t go after what you really want in life.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want debt in any area of my life.

I want compound interest to grow.
I want every single action I take today to add up in a positive way tomorrow.


Yakubu Gowon was born on October 19, 1934 in plateau state, his parents were Christians  missionaries Gowon attended his first education in Zaria (Hausa land), where he learn how to speak Hausa and Fulani fluently. Gowon later went to foreign countries both for military training alongside formal studying. After several training and education he has received. Gowon journeyed back home and became a star officer, his ability to assimilate has really helped Gowon to rise rapidly among his military counterpart. Apart from this he was known to find favor anywhere he get too, both from the rich and the influential! All this makes him find favor from the queen and other Britain’s royal family.

China Achebe, the author of “There was a country”
and Things fall apart”, found gowon as:
A particular favorites of the queen and other members of Britain’s royal family, a fact that he relished immensely. He impressed the British monarchy as a sincere God-fearing leader who was determined to work for the development of his country under conditions of international peace and stability. He did not fail to impress Britain’s cousins across the Atlantic either at any opportunity.



It all started in January 15 1966 when Major chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu led a coup which was a success, this coup which as no meaning to the Biafra agitators, the coup that the Biafra agitators don’t make reference too, the co-founder of the Biafra agitator should have make reference to this coup before they announce their secession from Nigeria and view the inner effect of the first coup on the unison of Nigeria. Most of the havoc befallen the country Nigeria should be blame on this first coup, this bloody and deadly coup as being the basis for fractionalization, tribalism, nepotism and all other related societal impunity.

Massob, Ipob, Mend, BIm e.t.c. and some other groups who refers themselves as militants epitome are the popular NDA( Niger Delta Avengers) who plans to be fighting for the rights of the Niger deltans by destroying Nigerians pipelines and this have encourage more militancy group to erupt and carrying out the same bombing as the popular militant group, God knows what actually this groups are fighting for.

The coup in January 15 1966 was very bloody and was recorded as the most notorious and deadly coup in Africa, during this time Nigeria was observing her first republic guided by the Republican constitution, this type of government run during this first republic is called the parliamentary system of government where representatives are elected from all county and regions of the country and the party that wins the majority seat will be given the opportunity to choose the prime minister.
The Northerner’s occupies the highest number of seats in Nigeria National assembly, so automatically they are to appoint or elect the prime minister. There are three parties which are the most popular in the 1st republic general election which are:

: NPC (Northern peoples congress)

: AG (Action Group)

: NCNC (National councils of Nigeria and the cameroons.

The NPC is controlled by the northern region, the AG is controlled by the western state and the NCNC is controlled by the eastern state. The names of these parties needs to be looked into by the political scientist, why is it that its only the northerners that’s decides to name their party in relation to their region “northern” as seen in Northern people congress.

The NPC pulls the largest seat in the Parliament, according to the constitution of the first republic it is their right to nominate/elect the prime minister to execute and complete their constitutional right they nominated Ahmadu Bello, who is also the then sarduana of Sokoto  but he refused the offer and shifted it over to Tafawa Balewa who is also the member of Northern people’s congress (NPC).

What gives me a mental pabulum about this historical prime minister of a thing is that its function is to govern and pilot the affairs of the country, so what is the function of the Ceremonial president. The difference between his office and the office of the prime minister is still unclear.
These set of people are governing when some set of people who are murderers disguise in uniform, suddenly destabilize the unity and peace of the country and destroys the wheels of the unison of Nigeria.

Major chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, who set the wheels of the coup, the one who also put it into motion, he plans and executive the first ever military coup in Nigeria, Major Kaduna was a junior officer accomplice are other junior officer like him. It was said that they are all easterners I.e The Igbo’s officers that executed the first coup except from one Yoruba man, they carried out the coup and it became a success.

They killed the premier of northern region, the prime minister also from the north, The premier of western region was also executed  and the then minister of finance who was the only Igbo casualty in the drama of the 1st coup while others are majorly Hausas and the rest are Yoruba’s.

The reason for this coup was unknown and unclear, It gives me an unclear and compromising thought, why did they planned the coup, are they sent by senior officers, what is their motive, why are they all Igbo’s.

After this coup the most senior military officer then became the head of state (Major general Aguiyi Ironsi Johnson)
Aguiyi ironsi is from the east I.e an Igbo man and he was the head of the military then, who under his watch some set of junior officers carried out a gruesome coup, this also needs to be looked into.

Its not quite long when aguiyi ironsi arrived power when another coup takes place this coup is called a counter coup, it was carried out exactly 6months after the first coup. This counter coup are carried out by the northern officers where Aguiyi Ironsi lost his dear Life. This coup is just like a retaliation of what the Igbo’s had done to their own leaders.
When this coups becomes a success, for it not to be called retaliation which it was or not to be called fractionalization struggle or also a quest for power for the two regions. A north central man who is not a Muslim but a Christian, who is not a pure Hausa or Fulani man, who has served in the supreme military council of Aguiyi Ironsi was chosen to be the head of state. This man is YAKUBU GOWON.



He served as the chief of army staff under Aguiyi Ironsi, he was chosen for some rationales so that the southern region won’t see it as the domination of the Hausa’s and religious sectionalism. Yakubu Gowon who as being jealousy by his colleagues because of his age and lucks. Even his Northern officers not to talk about officers from the neighboring regions(west and the east).

Yakubu Gowon installs military governor to regions. He appoint Emeka OJukwu as the governor of eastern region it was recorded he served reluctantly. Believing his better than the man, and also suspecting and curious about Yakubu’s role in the counter coup which brought him to power.


Chukwuemeka Ojukwu

I can’t believe there will be a man thinking about what as happened to an officer from his region not thinking about what the junior officers as brutally did to the northern leaders, but now dwelling on the grudge of the nemesis that catches up with the head of state whom under his watch the coup takes place.

During yakubu Gowon regime it was discovered there were pogroms befallen the easterners, the cause of this is still obscure, but to what as happened from the time of the first coup I think its also a nemesis catching up with them, because the north are afraid of other things they might carried out, and it was said that the Igbo’s knows so much about business so they are making the Hausa feel inferior, they are also scared of Igbo’s, an Igbo was the one who started what is refer too as coup in Nigeria. These as created fears in the northerners that the Igbo’s are desperate for power.

Not too long Yakubu Gowon organised a National conference to discuss the fate of the country. This conference was the first place where the sovereign  state of Biafra was indirectly mentioned. The easterners said they wants to stand alone as a country, they wants to be alone after a junior officer from their country have destroyed the wheel of unison in Nigeria, after a junior officer from the east have planted the seed of Nepotism and tribalism in Nigeria.

If major Kaduna of blessed memory had not executed the first coup, there won’t be a counter coup on a seating head of state. Chukwuemeka Ojukwu never thought of all this, he carries this grudge and was blinded by the fact that the major resources use to govern the federal republic of Nigeria are all from his region. Why will Emeka decides to create the sovereign state of Biafra. I wonder why he had decided to join the military after his verse education and exposure, he didn’t joins his father business but decides to join the military, this remains obscure to me, not that there are no educated military officer buts its one in a million and that one in a million can’t be as educated as Ojukwu, someone like ojukwu would have went for a white collar job or a professional job, but he joins the Army his action should have calls for suspicion back then. He was highly respected and rose through the ranks, his saluted by colleagues due to his command of English and oratory skills.
Ojukwu was older than gowon and highly educated than him this makes ojukwu looks down on Gowon, they both went to Sandhurst for military training. At the long run, Ojukwu decides for his region to be secession  from Nigeria by the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra back then in 1967. ……


Have you ever being delayed in a traffic of decision making, Yes! Everyone have for ones, if not twice being confused about which decision to make in a situation or the other

Don’t be irritated about it, this are the qualities of you being human, you blaming yourself or hating yourself applies as you dehumanizing oneself. These are one of the things God created us to be doing, Since our first generational parent have eaten from the fruit of good and evil, we have been knowledgeable and our elementary duty since then have being DECISION MAKING. We know what is wrong, we know what is right as the environment dictates it.

success, greatness, happiness, fortune, sound health has being the product of decision making, while poverty, bad health, sadness, misfortune e.t.c. are one way directly or indirectly the product of decision making. If you don’t understand let me break it down, let us look at the richest man in Nigeria and African in general ALIKO DANGOTE



Gekunolas pics

Focusing aspect of mindfulness

Meditation is a mindfulness exercise that nurtures the mind to be focused,it is a devotional exercise,it is also a contemplative discourse often by religious or philosophical subject.
              Surfing through net,scotting through libraries the same approaches have been given to meditation .
Meditation which has been traced back through the religious practice in the Asian continental of the earth surface ranging  from the confucial twist China and Hindu ,jain and buddist India. meditation according to the Asian religion, meditation is term a spiritual exercise as prayer dancing is term the exercise of modern Christianity
Secular forms of meditation was introduced in India in the 1950s as a westernized form of Hindu meditative the  techniques had arrived in the united states and Europe in the trust this white men, they love cutting deep into stuff staking their everything into what seems  not to be relevant to an average man,Rather than focusing on spiritual growth, secular meditation emphasizes stress reduction,relaxation and self-improvement.
This spiritual and secular form of meditation have being subject of scientific analysis and this began in the 1931.
According to the university of Wisconsin new science lab director Richard j Davidson. P.h.d told the new York times,he said meditation is equivalent to a word like sport in the U.S.It’s a family of activity, not a single thing.
Different meditatives practice required different mental skills e.g the skills you use for a basketball will surely be different from that of football.And it will be  extremely difficult for a person who has never play basketball before to start playing it like the professionals Continue reading “ICEBERG OF MEDITATION”

Putting your faith to work ……..Life pushes you around like a piece of paper on an ocean, why cant you read this junk article but a little bit motivating by Yinkabrands


As you put your faith to work, many a time,
you will feel like giving up; you will feel like
calling it a quit. But don’t! You’ve got to be
patient. You’ve got to hold on to your
dreams and aspirations until they
materialize. Your patience must be proven.
Patience is a very important ingredient
when it comes to making that your DREAM
a reality. Without it, you can’t go too far in
life. Stop using side-mirror. Maintain your
focus. Refuse to allow impatience cut short
your God-ordained glorious future. I love
the way Apostle Paul puts it: “Don’t drag
your feet. Be like those who stay on the
course with committed faith and then get
everything promised to them.”
Impatience is an expert in terminating
destiny and making life miserable on earth.
Without faith and patience, your dream will
remain a dream. You’ll amount to nothing.
People will call you “nothingness”. Life for
you will be miserable. You will wish you
were never born. You’ll be a burden of
society. Is this the kind of life you want to
Nothing worthwhile has ever been built
without faith and patience. The founder of
Konga (Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall), Sim
Shagaya, once said when they started
Konga there were only 8 of them that
started it and that they had no idea of
what they were doing. It was faith that
helped them launched Konga despite of
their fear and ignorance. They had
confidence in ignorance!
You cannot separate success from faith.
Faith will distinguish you from your peers
and make you a newsmaker. You’ll be like a
city that’s set upon a hill. You’ll be a model
of success and many will aspire to your
To make your dreams and aspirations a
reality, you must develop what I call
“stubborn faith”. Stubborn faith will help
you turn little things into great things. It has
been in this business for ages. It’s what
gave us Apple, Facebook , Twitter , Dangote
Group , Under35CEO , The Future Awards,
CNN, The Platform, JumpStart Academy
Africa , DayStar, Christ Embassy, BellaNaija ,
Aljazeera and many more. It gives life to
ideas and helps make dreams and
aspirations a reality. It’s what makes life
worth living. “It’s a manifestation
technology for the realization of visions and
ideas in the now.”
It’s time to neglect the unbelieving world by
refusing to heed to their clamour to give up
on your faith. Hold on to your faith. Don’t
let it go.
If you want to make a difference in life,
you must learn to believe in what you don’t
see. The things you see with your optical
eyes are subject to change. With faith,
anything is possible! With it, you will move
mountains stopping you from living your
dream. You will take down the Goliath that
stands between you and the realization of
your dream. Faith is your guarantee when
the world goes from bad to worse. It is
absolute confidence in the unseen. Until
people call you “crazy”, you haven’t started.


Hmmm! Its sound strange to you right! Don’t let it be.

The great community should be on the alert against the tyrant, be vigilantly attentive, this is an article of alarm or warning especially a siren warning of memory raid.

just sit down on a spot, imagine, think deeply like a real and a rational being, look at the situation around you, the leadership of the tyrant, oppressors, where no one can fight for his or her right, because of the danger in it.

. fear have crowded our active and sensitive Well develop mind which leads to blindness in our judgement giving a low rabbit like mentality, Rabbit like mentality says can I do it! One of the feature or qualities of a rabbit mentality is Negative thought.
No one can talk if you are ask to come surely you will go, sit down there surely you will sit without protesting.aluta.. Why is it like this what can we do? What is the solution to this, If you make action against this so called administrators you will regret doing it, as exemplified by the past ones.
Who’s capable? To be d leader of this great community who will not be a coward because he/she should have it at the back of his/her mind that is primary objective whatsoever it may be is at stake.
Who is going to deliver us, we have lost our values, confidence, boldness because of the fear we have for the powerful, oppressors, tyrant and yet we will be addressed as the leaders of tomorrow.
Let us join hands together and support ………………. And see what will be done