Every action compounds
Every decision element you make in Every atom of your life adds up.

Every training session goes in the bank.

Every book you read goes in the bank.

Every meal goes in the bank, and that compounds to give you either a powerful result or a debt.

You get a financial debt if you spend more than you earn.

You get a physical debt if you don’t train your body to grow stronger.

You get an academic debt if you don’t study and read.

You get an emotional debt if you don’t expand your mind, if you don’t practice gratitude.

If you don’t go after what you really want in life.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want debt in any area of my life.

I want compound interest to grow.
I want every single action I take today to add up in a positive way tomorrow.


Putting your faith to work ……..Life pushes you around like a piece of paper on an ocean, why cant you read this junk article but a little bit motivating by Yinkabrands


As you put your faith to work, many a time,
you will feel like giving up; you will feel like
calling it a quit. But don’t! You’ve got to be
patient. You’ve got to hold on to your
dreams and aspirations until they
materialize. Your patience must be proven.
Patience is a very important ingredient
when it comes to making that your DREAM
a reality. Without it, you can’t go too far in
life. Stop using side-mirror. Maintain your
focus. Refuse to allow impatience cut short
your God-ordained glorious future. I love
the way Apostle Paul puts it: “Don’t drag
your feet. Be like those who stay on the
course with committed faith and then get
everything promised to them.”
Impatience is an expert in terminating
destiny and making life miserable on earth.
Without faith and patience, your dream will
remain a dream. You’ll amount to nothing.
People will call you “nothingness”. Life for
you will be miserable. You will wish you
were never born. You’ll be a burden of
society. Is this the kind of life you want to
Nothing worthwhile has ever been built
without faith and patience. The founder of
Konga (Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall), Sim
Shagaya, once said when they started
Konga there were only 8 of them that
started it and that they had no idea of
what they were doing. It was faith that
helped them launched Konga despite of
their fear and ignorance. They had
confidence in ignorance!
You cannot separate success from faith.
Faith will distinguish you from your peers
and make you a newsmaker. You’ll be like a
city that’s set upon a hill. You’ll be a model
of success and many will aspire to your
To make your dreams and aspirations a
reality, you must develop what I call
“stubborn faith”. Stubborn faith will help
you turn little things into great things. It has
been in this business for ages. It’s what
gave us Apple, Facebook , Twitter , Dangote
Group , Under35CEO , The Future Awards,
CNN, The Platform, JumpStart Academy
Africa , DayStar, Christ Embassy, BellaNaija ,
Aljazeera and many more. It gives life to
ideas and helps make dreams and
aspirations a reality. It’s what makes life
worth living. “It’s a manifestation
technology for the realization of visions and
ideas in the now.”
It’s time to neglect the unbelieving world by
refusing to heed to their clamour to give up
on your faith. Hold on to your faith. Don’t
let it go.
If you want to make a difference in life,
you must learn to believe in what you don’t
see. The things you see with your optical
eyes are subject to change. With faith,
anything is possible! With it, you will move
mountains stopping you from living your
dream. You will take down the Goliath that
stands between you and the realization of
your dream. Faith is your guarantee when
the world goes from bad to worse. It is
absolute confidence in the unseen. Until
people call you “crazy”, you haven’t started.