Have you ever being delayed in a traffic of decision making, Yes! Everyone have for ones, if not twice being confused about which decision to make in a situation or the other

Don’t be irritated about it, this are the qualities of you being human, you blaming yourself or hating yourself applies as you dehumanizing oneself. These are one of the things God created us to be doing, Since our first generational parent have eaten from the fruit of good and evil, we have been knowledgeable and our elementary duty since then have being DECISION MAKING. We know what is wrong, we know what is right as the environment dictates it.

success, greatness, happiness, fortune, sound health has being the product of decision making, while poverty, bad health, sadness, misfortune e.t.c. are one way directly or indirectly the product of decision making. If you don’t understand let me break it down, let us look at the richest man in Nigeria and African in general ALIKO DANGOTE


1. He once worked for someone
Dangote worked for his uncle, Sani Dangote. He served his master diligently. He acted in accordance to the statement which says if you must lead, you must serve. It was while working for his uncle that he gathered experience, skills and confidence.
2. He took a loan to start his business
Aliko Dangote started his business with the NGN 500,000 loan he took from his uncle/master. He approached his uncle in 1977 and told him about his plan to establish a business outfit and his uncle gave him the loan to start the business. However, he was given a three-month-deadline and he repaid the loan in three months.
3. He kicked off his business by trading in commodities
Sugar, rice, pasta, salt, cotton, millet, cocoa, textile and vegetable oil were the commodities he started his business with. He was importing these commodities into Nigeria.

This are few among the decisions he maked to be successful, If you look at his first decision, he served someone believing in the notion that if you must lead you must follow, he borrowed a loan to start his business, he decides on what commodity to sell which are the common needs of an average Nigerian. Dangote personally might not know this decision will bring him up to that level but he makes sure he makes the right decisions at all time. Its also applies to the poor, they do nothing, they do same thing all the time even if they have to make a decision they make the wrong decision

When making decision take your time, take your energy, relax don’t be too swift in deciding and don’t be too slow, be aware each decision affects your life negatively or positively either immediately or at the long run.

On the 19th of may 2016, I was delayed in this traffic of decision making, there is this research work am engage in, we re payed on a weekly basis transport allowance is on daily basis, its an interesting job but at the expense of my health. This work entails you knowing places and sorting your ways, it adds more value to someone. We did it in Ondo state, Osun state now its time to go too Oyo state. I own a coaching center I just started few weeks before I secure the research work, I was able to run the center with the job in Ondo state. I employed someone to run the center when I went to Osun state, I was still at Osun when I was updated that students are dropping out from the center, with an immediate effect I rushed back to Akure even before the completion of the job.

_ My bone of contention here is that when I get back to Akure I will persuade the student back and I get a better manager for the center and I get myself prepared for Oyo state, luckily for me I was unable to get a better manager to manage the center in my absence and its already time to go too Oyo state, Its time for me to make a petty decision I have the following criteria for my decision.

: The job fetches me more money than my so called coaching center
: The job allowance will pay the person I will employed more than enough not to talk of the main wages
: The lesson fetches me less money to the job
: The lesson might erupt into something great and bring fortunes but who knows when.

The decision making traffic got me when I was alert its time to go too Oyo state, I was eventually crazy to go get the job, this job fetches me more money than my so called coaching centre, I don’t want to close down this coaching centre, when I left the centre for Osun  state guidance and parents are complaining and the center had a reduction in her number of student. I need this job and I need money, if I waited to manage this centre I got less money to earn, if I eventually employ someone who can manage this for me what’s the probability that we won’t suffer reduction.

Now I sat down, I gave myself time, I looked at all the criteria have listed out, I looked at the probability of all the one with less probability is the centre if its going to be a big centre what is the probability when will that be. I compared it with the benefits of the job, the high earnings, I decided  to go for the job. The day I should take my leave I do the thinking once again, I draft out the advantage and disadvantages of the two choices I remember this job is not a permanent job its just a per time one if I leave the center and eventually it stopped when am I going to gather pupils again. Immediately I receive a call from a friend asking me am I not coming, I wanted to shun that correct decision because at present its not easy I need the money but I gather myself together I talked to my emotions you can’t overrule my sense of reasoning and I told him am not coming.

Its takes common sense to make a hard decision , you do not need an uncommon sense and to the best of my knowledge all senses are common sense, all what is required are all common, study your environment, study the weather condition, the economy and so on surely you got no problem in your decision making.

My dad has a friend whom I will claim anonymity for, he secured two jobs at a time back then, he can’t go for the two, its paramount to decide on which one to go for and which one to drop. Its a pity he failed in his decision making mechanism he never envisioned the future, he only looks at the present. What really happens was that a job as a very high salary scale but no pension after retirement, while the other salary is not up to the first one but its increases as the pyramid goes up and at the end of the job you will be paid pension till death comes. I hear you saying you go for the high paid job and invest! Good its also a decision to rectify the faulty one but how many People can do that, they collect the money and spend lavishly.

Little decisions, the ones we believe it as no meaning, decision on the time to wake up every morning, decision on what to eat and what not to eat, friends  we need to drop and ones we must never drop, decision on which person you must or you need to associate yourself with. This decisions forms the bottom line for all other decisions either hard or petty decisions.


Take Thomas Edison who invented the electric bulb as an epitome he failed 9,999 times, imagine 9 times you and I would have relax that it won’t work out, look at this man 90 times he never relax, 900 times his still boiling hard 9000 up too 9999 times his still pulling it, definitely if he doesn’t get it at the10 000 times Daddy Thomas Edison will never stop trying. Its all takes decision to keep moving on….


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