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Focusing aspect of mindfulness

Meditation is a mindfulness exercise that nurtures the mind to be focused,it is a devotional exercise,it is also a contemplative discourse often by religious or philosophical subject.
              Surfing through net,scotting through libraries the same approaches have been given to meditation .
Meditation which has been traced back through the religious practice in the Asian continental of the earth surface ranging  from the confucial twist China and Hindu ,jain and buddist India. meditation according to the Asian religion, meditation is term a spiritual exercise as prayer dancing is term the exercise of modern Christianity
Secular forms of meditation was introduced in India in the 1950s as a westernized form of Hindu meditative the  techniques had arrived in the united states and Europe in the trust this white men, they love cutting deep into stuff staking their everything into what seems  not to be relevant to an average man,Rather than focusing on spiritual growth, secular meditation emphasizes stress reduction,relaxation and self-improvement.
This spiritual and secular form of meditation have being subject of scientific analysis and this began in the 1931.
According to the university of Wisconsin new science lab director Richard j Davidson. P.h.d told the new York times,he said meditation is equivalent to a word like sport in the U.S.It’s a family of activity, not a single thing.
Different meditatives practice required different mental skills e.g the skills you use for a basketball will surely be different from that of football.And it will be  extremely difficult for a person who has never play basketball before to start playing it like the professionals
                        Mindfulness is extremely difficult for a beginner to sit for hours and think of nothing or have an “empty mind”. Only a master, after many years of disciplined practice can approach such mental clarity.
                We have two forms or let me say type of meditation
           The concentration and the mindfulness.

The concentration

entails focusing, giving attention to a single activity. Like recitation of a statement  or of a word which is generally called “mantra” in the meditative school. Also focusing on ones breath, looking at an object like a candle, written statement or any other suitable material. The purpose of this is to stay focus in case if there are any form of distraction there must be focus.
             The mindfulness meditating techniques-  This is paramount and necessary in the mechanism of meditation you must observe and notice all wandering thought or if your mind wanders away which can occur during concentrative aspect of meditation. Noticing or observing the thought that comes along does not says we should judge them but to recognise them and chase them or clear them as they come is the most important thing.


Meditating position
The other type of meditation that is often used in research is open-monitoring meditation a situation whereby you focus on all forms of activities your environment, without passing judgement to them.
             According to the little research i embarked upon the following are said to be the scientific base benefit of meditation
: Better focus
: Better memory
: Less stress
: Decreases pain
: Decreases inflammatory
: Increase positive emotion
: Increases social connection
:Reduces loneliness
:Increases life satisfaction
: Improves attention
: Improves empathy & compassion
: Increases resilience in hard times
: Increases cortical thickness
: Increases gray matter
: Increases anxiety
: Increases brain volume
: Decreases depression. E.t.c.


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