I love your post Ekunola but try and get people to read it, you have a great oratory.

gekunola's Blog

What is your philosophy of life, this philosophy pilot all mechanism of the activities that occurs to all homo sapiens, and the main reason why this specie of animal are the most advance is because of just one BT paramount reason (a well develop brain) but yet most of this homo sapiens are nothing but an advanced homo erectus (APES)…
What am insinuating here is that Xmas is not just for merriment, going to parties, buying cloths, doing some kind of silly things that you we later remorse or be in debt after the festive period but the most essential but superfluous is to know the main reason for the birth of our lord Jesus Christ, he was born as a savior, to die for our sins, to fashion our insight into the only supernatural being, so pls let us stop acting like apes, sit down in a place have…

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