Concept of Ego

First and foremost ego is our personal sense of values, admiration, importance, ability and capacity, I will like to define ego according to oxford learner dictionary as persons sense of self esteem or self importance.
A quotation by “Dalai Lama says with realization of ones own potential and self confidence in ones ability one can build a better world” imagine , when we can build a better world for ourselves and we know this better world we are building for ourselves will surely build a better world for another person, then why can’t we give it all it takes to realize or build this better world by developing ourselves.
Developing a healthy self ego does not means having developing a proud character, hut it means having what it takes to be able to fit into the society as a rational being. Seeing this Ego it as so many component that works together just like a system, in biology there is what we call cell organization of life, from cell to tissue, tissue to organ, organ to system and systems integrate together to form a whole organism. These means Ego is an organism which comprises of cells, tissues, organs and systems to build up an an ego requires the law of process……
Ego contains everything about self, among all are self approval;
Self assertion;
Self assurance
Self confidence
Self determination
Self image
Self control
Self expression
Self proclaimed
Self respect
Self satisfied
Self worth
Self esteem e.t.c.
So we know that if we are talking about this self characteristics or attribute we know that we are still insinuating about Ego.
The book of psalm 139:13 14 says (for you have formed my inward part; you knitted me in my mothers womb, I praise you for I am fearfully made. Wonderful are your work ; my souls knows it well) look at this great world of wisdom, we are fearfully made, wonderful is the work of our creator.
Who created you?
What is the work of whom who created you?
Now tell me when you know wonderful is the work of whom who created you, why are we worried about the way we look, why are we so concern about what we don’t know how to do , tell me? Everybody won’t say you are good, at the same time everybody won’t say you are bad, now let us examine a quotation which says “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. The way we see or perceive ourselves is different from the way other sees or perceive us, why must we be concern about what that person is saying about us! Do we believe the words of their mouth, what they are saying about us is pseudo. We need not to worry for our creator has said we are fearfully and wonderfully made, the way God made us is just for different purposes, that is why the actors in the drama of genetics says there is nothing like ugliness in human nature we all arrive as a result of the fusion between a sperm and egg, This applies to all Homo sapiens apart from the first biblical homo sapiens Adams and Eve.
Let us try and develop an healthy self image or importance.
This is just a tip of an iceberg watch out for my upcoming success propeller titled (You and Your Ego).


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